Cookery Class Vouchers : Now available

What to do:

Go to our "Cookery Classes Page" and select the One Day Cookery Class Topic and one of it's corresponding dates. Call us on 028-25766 and we will create the voucher for you based on this. 

Terms & Conditions ( which are printed also on the reverse of the voucher)

Cookery Class Vouchers are valid only for the one class topic and it's one specified date for the class noted on the voucher.

Guests must contact us directly to confirm their place on their class quoting the unique voucher code, at latest ten days prior to the class date. Should they not, we cannot guarantee that their place is reserved. 

Cookery class  Vouchers are non transferable or refundable. Cookery Class places are limited and Restaurant Chestnut reserves the right to cancel or reschedule classes. 

Dinner Gift Vouchers:

Due to the size of our Restaurant, a limited amount are released for sale per year. We have now sold out of Dinner Gift Vouchers.